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Panic Attack Symptoms

How do I know if I am experiencing panic attack symptoms, what are they and why do they happen?
Find out all about panic attack symptoms here

Consumers Guide

What's out there to help you and how do you know which product is good and which is not so good?
Our guide to what's available to help you fight panic attacks

Coping Strategies

Some ideas on how to survive the panic attack symptoms and fight this illness daily in order to overcome anxiety for good.
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Therapy Good or Bad?

With so many "snake oil salesmen" out there, how can I tell the cowboys from the indians? And how do I know what's right for me?
Here's our guide to the therapies

Fight or Flight?

Learn about the body's stress response and how your panic attack symptoms are trying to keep you safe!
Here's our guide to the autonomic nervous system

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Who we are, how we fund the running of this resourse and how you can help.

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We have laid out our home page in such a way as to make it easy to use. We want you to be able to find the information you need easily and the best way of doing this is to create a homepage which contains links to all the other important areas of the site. The biggest challenge with this is that it limits the amount of text on the homepage and results in anyone who suffers panic attack symptoms and needs the help this site provides being unable to find us.

So in order to help the situation, we have decided to put a general view of the site here, a glorified sitemap if you will, which gives a brief overview of the sites content and some additional comments. Its not essential reading and you will find the information on each of the sites main pages more comprehensive, you can navigate to this information from the top half of this page.

The section entitled ‘Panic Attack Symptoms’ is a collection of the various symptoms panic attack sufferers encounter and includes Palpitations, Hyperventilation, Sweating, Dizzyness, Derealisation and Pins & Needles.
Palpitations are the most common symptoms encountered during a panic attack and is normally a speeding up as part of the body’s stress response.
Hyperventilation is connected to the palpitations because as the heart speeds up the bloodstream requires more oxygen
Sweating is caused by the fight or flight response in an effort to get rid of the heat your brain is expecting to generate.
Dizzyness is caused by changes in your bloods composition during a panic attack
Derealisation is an effect of our inbuilt survival mechanism
Pins & Needles are again part of the same blood chemistry change.
The consumer guide section contains some reviews of the various health products available to help sufferers cope with and the symptoms of panic and anxiety.
Presently we have reviews on
I Love Panic Attacks
At Last a Life
The Linden Method
The Unexplainable Store
Panic Away
Freedom from Fear
The coping section lists some of the techniques often used to counter the various symptoms of panic attacks and has information on Paper Bag Rebreathing, Guided Visualisation, Bathing, Diaphragm Breathing, Awareness Meditation and Distraction.
Paper Bag Rebreathing is a technique for increasing the carbon dioxide levels of the blood, in order to change the bloods chemical characteristics.
Guided Visualisation is a fantastic relaxation tool where you can imagine yourself being anywhere you like on the planet. You could be walking through an imaginary arboretum admiring the trees, or sitting by the side of the water on a lush green riverbank or by the side of a beach. In fact anywhere where you can reform your mind and lose the mental chatter.  
Bathing in warm water is a healthy way to relax, the water relaxes muscles and eases tension
Diaphragm Breathing is a method of controlling the way you breath in order to oxygenate your bloodstream and remove carbon dioxide and toxins from the body naturally
Awareness Meditation is an ancient technique practiced all over the planet, from east to west and north to south.
Distraction is also important in controlling stress and anxiety and this page has links to some online games you might like to play for fun
The therapy section has information on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Emotional freedom technique (EFT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Reiki and Hypnotherapy
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is available on the NHS and whilst there are waiting lists, it’s free and many panic attack symptoms sufferers find it beneficial.
Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is a powerful technique where you tap on energy meridian points
Emotional freedom technique (EFT) is a simplified version of TFT
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a technique developed years ago to change your mental thought processes
Reiki is a sort of spiritual healing method, where the practitioner channels energy to the client
Hypnotherapy is the therapy extension of hypnosis and is not to be confused with hypnotism.
The fight or flight or stress response and the problems it can cause when it gets out of balance are as old as life itself. In this section we cover What Causes Panic Attack Symptoms? Chemically; What's Going On? What are the Physical Effects? Stress; Good or Bad? And finally we Piece it all Together

Much of what has been written about the various illnesses caused by stress refers to the conditions as ‘mental health illnesses.’ We don’t consider anxiety and its relatives to be mental health issues at all though, we see them as merely a natural response from the body to external pressures and situations driven by an overactive nervous system.

Anxiety can be debilitating and even result in us becoming housebound, but many of us are sick and at work. Having to pay the bills and put food on the table has a major effect on our wellbeing, when we are suffering anxiety and for some of us, it’s a good job that its sickness absence that is frowned upon rather than sickness presence!

Fortunately, more and more is being done to encourage a reduction in stress planet wide. Some of the smarter initiatives, fuelled by environmental activist and green belt movement reform, create a better environment to live and work in. Green spaces where we can go for a walk, whether a small green enclosure within a busy office block or school; or a mini arboretum where we can enjoy the trees, all help to keep our anxiety levels in check.

Air travel is also an area in need of reform. Anxiety sufferers need more help. From the amount of guest bloggers on a flight blog, who have got complaints about American Airlines and other carriers, its obvious that flying around the planet, which lets face it represents the most challenging of situations for a panic attack or anxiety sufferer, is becoming increasingly difficult, with stepped up security measures and long delays happening more and more frequently. With even busier airports, it really is time that the airlines got smart and took note and did something to help us.

Another gripe we have is the way in which society is increasingly following a George Orwell like ‘big brother’ scenario. Everywhere you go there are camera’s, its getting ridiculous. We even read recently about U.S. Navy research on “mind control techniques!” That and other secrecy news that came to light in December 2006 really winds us up and it seems to have got worse since 2007. In 2008 or 2009 they introduced those smart average speed camera’s everywhere that read and record your number plate.  It’s getting to the point now (2010) where we are afraid to go to the library in case they are watching what we are reading! This stuff shouldn’t be legal.

No its time the authorities started putting time and effort into mastering medical sciences and fighting stress rather than study our every move! Put some effort into helping us control our anxiety and less effort into controlling us.

Another thing we hate is the marketing Emails we get constantly, whether its b2b or b2c, they are a constant nightmare. Marketing is important for any business, we understand that, especially when its b2b, but the amount of marketing stuff that comes through is amazing. It seems like the minute we subscribe as guest bloggers somewhere, everyone has our Email address and they all want to send us b2b information, is this legal?

This smart planet is becoming an even smarter planet that’s for sure, but advances in technology are putting environmental strains on it as well. There is just so much to worry about these days, its no wonder we suffer panic attack symptoms! Take something as simple as water. With the climate change that is happening, some areas are having severe drought conditions and the longer this goes on, the worse things will get, no water means no crops, no crops means starving populations. Do you think these people might get anxious and join the planets growing population of anxiety and panic attack sufferers?

Now we know this has been a bit of a ramble, one minute b2b marketing and the next its water shortages and a smarter planet, but the thing is all these things contribute to our anxiety levels. The world is full of things that stress us, but whether it’s walking through an arboretum or just sitting by some water somewhere, if you want to control your panic attack symptoms, you really need to understand that fighting stress is the key. You don’t need to be a doctor, or legal wiz kid, or have studied with a view to mastering medical sciences; all you need are some simple techniques which we hope you will find on this site.