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Picture isn't a typical website. It allows neither advertising (companies can't pay to appear on the site), nor subscription (no charge is ever made to users). Yet it's been a mammoth beast to piece together. With only a handful of volunteers, no money, limited internet website development experience and no programming knowledge, just a burning desire to help others who are going through what we are all going through.

This guide explains how a site set up for less than £100 in 2010 intends to grow with your help into a self sustaining resource and become the premier resource for panic attack symptoms research, information and news on the internet.

Completely free to use and free from advertising
The most important thing to understand is that has no advertising and is completely free to use. Anything that is on the site is here solely because it's the very best content we could find, based on independent, detailed and specialised journalistic research by members of the team. No one can pay to have anything put on this site.
When we first started building this site it was the dream of just one person, there was no revenue generation envisioned, but within a few weeks it became obvious that the running costs would end up becoming substantial. As a result we decided to look for ways to generate an income to support the site and perhaps employ some full time staff to manage YOUR resource.

So how does it generate revenue?
Guides are written purely from a ‘what's good and what’s not so good?' stance. Yet, once they're finished one of the team has the job to see if any 'affiliate links' to the top products can be found. While these look and work the same way as normal links, if someone clicks through, the link is tracked and it may generate a payment to the site (the details vary; sometimes per click, per user, per application, per accepted application or any combination).

Doesn't this compromise the site?
No. The PanicSymptoms articles are written, then totally separately, paid links are looked for. If no paying link is available, nothing in the article changes. If the best is the best and doesn't pay, it stays the best. The link used is simply a ‘non-affiliated' i.e. non-paying, link. Financial considerations do not impact articles.

However, product rates and best buys change all the time, as do the products which have available affiliate links. This means at different times, different articles generate more or less for the site, and we will remind you of those top guides or deals more when they're better for the site. Yet we will never change our stance, or picks because of it.

Where do the links come from?
They come from product sites or affiliate sites such as Tradedoubler or Commission Junction. Their links are used and then if someone clicks through, this site gets a split of their revenue.
Quite deliberately, where possible we try to avoid going directly or building a relationship with product providers themselves, so they don't try to exert any pressure. Occasionally links are direct, when, within the context of the guides, they offer you the best deal, or if there is no affiliate site available.

We want you to know when links are affiliated...
Unlike many sites that use affiliate links, we're very deliberate about including a * after every one of them. This is so that you know which links contribute to the site and which don't, so you can make your own decision. We hope you will choose the ones that help pay for the huge resource this site offers.

Yet in every other way you shouldn't notice any difference, except occasionally you'll go to one of the comparison services landing pages to get the product. However, the product itself (unless it's better) will be the same.
In other words, if there's a link to the PanicAttackSymptoms Reduction company because it's the cheapest provider, if it has a * you'll go through directly and this site may get some money. If it doesn't have a * you'll go through directly and the site won't make money. That's the only difference.

And wherever there's a * link, there's a full explanation at the bottom of the page where an unaffiliated version of the same link is included, so you can check there's no difference.

How does this differ to other sites?
There tend to be two main models. The consumers' association Which? funds its magazines and website through a subscription model. We prefer to try and keep this site free, especially as a good number of users couldn't afford to pay.

Then there are the more commercial sites, which tend to prioritise or even limit inclusion only to products which are paying them. For this reason we hope and believe this site's recommendations are the best. Plus rather than simple comparison links, the site isn't just about ‘finding the best product', instead it's ‘finding the best product and using it in a way that works for you, not the company'.
As there are no corporate paymasters, everything that is written is unbiased, objective and free from outside influence.

What happens to the money?
Rather than any grand design, to set up such a massive beast, the revenue concept behind the site grew organically, based on the needs to fund costs. We believe it's been done in such a way to make this a very successful project without compromising the information, or campaigning agenda of the site.

As a private company, the site doesn't publish figures. Like any entrepreneurial project this will enable the site to grow, create employment, build more tools and service its users. Here are some examples of where the money will go.

•    Our team of editorial and technical staff.
At the start of 2010, there were four highly qualified and skilled volenteer team members working on PanicAttackSymptoms, all contributing to research, campaigns, guides, voucher hunting and more; they've backgrounds (including former NHS health professional, a BCMA licensed mental health specialist, a post graduate student and a special needs carer), help you receive quality information. All are dedicated to ensuring that this huge website keeps running, but like we said; we are all volunteers, it would be nice to do this full time.

•    Servers and keeping the site running
Presently the site is hosted free of charge by weebly but as traffic increases, we will have to pay for larger service space.

The Forum alone is a massive social networking undertaking which will require huge resources. It's not just the technology either, as with any large community there will be rules and issues of 'policing it' to keep it a safe place for all.

•    Developing new tools
We're constantly striving to add more information and technology to aid the PanicAttackSymptoms community and such tools and undertakings tend not to have any revenue generating facilities on them.

•    Legal Bills
You may be surprised that with most web sites, this isn't usually for the main site. The big bills come from defending consumer comments in the Forums, when companies whose reputations are rightly tarnished try to force them to be taken down. We will have to pick and choose our fights carefully, but it is important that PAS isn't cowed and can fight it's corner if it is necessary to.

•    Charity Donations
We would love to donate to charity. There are so many severely financially challenged people in the anxiety and panic world often times agoraphobics unable to go out and work and therefore unable to obtain treatment because they cannot pay. Our aim is to establish a fund with a percentage of any surplus money generated, which will pay for some of these people to obtain the treatment they so desperately need and which the NHS seems unable to provide.

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