Awareness Meditation

Awareness meditation has been practiced by Eastern cultures for centuries, it relies on relaxing the mind whilst focussing your attention on one specific thing and holding that focus for protracted periods of time.

You might have seen people, especially people from India, sitting cross legged and making the sound HOM. This is simply a method of focussing attention, but there are other ways of achieving the same result.

We teach and recommend concentrating on the main muscle groups in turn and tensing then releasing these muscles in a systematic manner. Start by working from the top of your head downwards towards your feet, tensing and releasing the various muscles as you go. Tense your scalp, then release and feel the muscles relax as you do so, then move to your forehead and do the same again, next are the eyes and eye lids, cheeks, mouth, throat and so on.

Once relaxed, switch your focus to your breathing and concentrate on feeling your stomach expand and contract.

The result of meditative breathing is an increased feeling of peace and heightened connection to your spirit. It also reduces anxiety and any panic attack symptoms!

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