The benefits of relaxing in a nice warm bath have been common knowledge for years and are the cornerstone of many anxiety sufferers’ everyday coping strategies.

It’s a great idea when bathing to turn down the lights and light a few candles to create a relaxing environment and if you like using bubble bath, go for it!

The warmth of the water will relax you and as your mind relaxes the body will follow easing any tension in your muscles.

As you calm your body and clear your mind, you will be mentally letting go of any thoughts of panic attach symptoms and other things your anxiety is normally causing you to focus on.

Taking time over bathing is worth the world and after you finish, if you bathe before bed you will find that you can also sleep better.

Key though is to use this as a preventative technique, its no good if you are really anxious in the bath, bathing should be enjoyed!

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