Diaphragm Breathing

Diaphragm breathing is when you breathe deep into your lungs by flexing your diaphragm rather than breathing shallowly by flexing your rib cage. When you do this you will feel your stomach rise and fall when you breathe rather than the more typical chest breathing most of us practice daily.

The reason it is so good is that it allows us to inhale greater quantities of air and so oxygen and is a fantastic way to tackle hyperventilation.

It might seem alien to us, but actually if you watch someone sleep, you will notice that they breathe through their diaphragm. Also babies do this naturally.

It seems like we have ‘forgotten’ how to breathe properly!

Here’s a diaphragmatic breathing exercise for you to try.

Lie comfortably on the floor (don’t wear tight clothes)
Put one hand on your stomach.
Slowly breathe in through your nose (this helps you slow your breathing down).
As you breathe in, feel your stomach rise.
Hold that breath a second or two
Slowly exhale through pursed lips and blow out hard to totally empty your stomach
Rest and repeat.

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