One area often overlooked by any site or article about avoiding the panic attack symptoms and coping with anxiety is the technique of distraction. We all here at panicattacksymptoms use different forms of distraction to help us cope with our panic attack symptoms. These range from cross stitch, crochet, tying flies for fishing right through to playing a musical instrument or online video games.  Having something to distract you from that constant feeling of anxiety, helps you to focus on something other than your panic attack symptoms and this shift in focus relaxes and calms you down.

There are lots of different things you can do, but one of the easiest to start getting into is playing games online. We found a website with loads of free online games for you to play at

Here are some of the games they offer that we play, enjoy.

Bubble Town

Offroad 4x4


Stunt Pilot

Bow Master

Cab Driver

Loves Arrow

Carnival Jackpot

Monster Golf


Alien Abduction

Letter Rip


Ricochet Lost Worlds

8 Ball Quick Fire Pool

Base Jumping

Big Catch

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