Easycalm* is the brain child of Jon Mercer of St. Augustine, Florida, who has appeared on numerous TV and radio programs. Jon, who struggled with severe anxiety and panic attack symptoms for 20 years before discovering a method of overcoming them, says in his advertising text “once I ‘cracked the code,’ every area of my life improved 100%.

EasyCalm training is series of 10 step by step videos which you can download after purchase. They run for a little over 3 hours 20 minutes in total and are based on the one on one system Jon has been teaching for a number of years.

EasyCalm has been online since May 2005 and comes with a try before you buy offer, where you can view the first 27 minute session, on their website free of charge. Even if you are not thinking of buying this product, we recommend that you have a look at this free video. Its not high tech, very basic, totally unedited, but has great some really nice information that will help you! Click here to have a look at the free video* it's about half way down the page, if you can't see it, follow the link under the black video box to the google video player (we had to from our firefox browser).

One of Jon’s unique selling points is his willingness to answer all emails personally as he says that he “wants to reach as many people as possible with this information.”

EasyCalm* comes with a 100% money back guarantee and as payment is via paypal, this is a very safe bet, as EasyCalms guarantee is additionally backed up by paypals ‘buyer protection program’ (you are protected for 45 days from the date you made your purchase).

One of the big challenges with any of the video systems being sold on the internet is that they can take for ever to download if you have a slow internet connection. EasyCalm have thought about this and offer a smaller screen-size version of the system, which is quicker to download.

As is usual with these internet sales pitches, EasyCalm offer a discounted price and throw in some bonus products, if you buy today!

The discounted price of $97, includes the EasyCalm video series, a guided meditation session, a visualisation session, an NLP Hypnosis relaxation session and ‘The EasyCalm MP3 Series’ for iPod or other MP3 player / CD.

Click here to view the EasyCalm site

EasyCalm supports the World Food Programme, the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide. The World Food Programme delivers food wherever and whenever it is needed most. In 2010, WFP aims to feed more than 90 million people in 73 countries.

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