Fight or Flight...... Our BIG Problem!

The fight or flight or stress response and the problems it can cause when it gets out of balance are as old as life itself. Our ancestor’s right back to and probably before Neanderthal man, knew this natural phenomenon all too well and it has kept the human race safe for millennia!

The response is designed to allow us to run away from danger when appropriate or as the name suggests, stand and fight.

Perhaps the simplest way of explaining this natural and subconscious reaction of the body is to give a modern day example. Imagine walking along a busy street and stepping off the curb to cross the road. Suddenly out of the corner of your eye, you catch a glimpse of a double-decker bus bearing down on you at speed. In that moment you are faced with a decision, do you jump out of the way, or stand there and get flattened? Because that’s what would happen if you tried to fight the bus! Obviously you would have jumped out of the way and then breathed a sigh of relief as the butterflies in your stomach did summersaults.

This is the fight or flight response at its simplest most basic level, however in that split second your body did a million and one different things, each and every one of which is designed to preserve your life.

Unfortunately, like everything else in life, the fight or flight response is not foolproof and sometimes it goes wrong. When it does it can escalate into a panic attack and give you some or all of the symptoms we described in the panic attack symptoms list.

In this section you will find information on various aspects of the fight or flight response, which if read in conjunction with the information in our panic attack symptoms section, should help you understand why you get the panic attack symptoms you are getting and will hopefully allow you to go some way towards lessening if not eliminating their impact.

What is actually causing the panic attack symptoms I feel?
What chemicals are at work inside my body when these panic attack symptoms start?
How do these chemicals affect me physically?
Stress – the good and the bad?
Summing it all up!

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