Freedom From Fear

Freedom from Fear Recovery Program is billed as 'A cost effective program that Anxiety sufferers will relate to on a personal level.' Run by New Zealander David Johnson freedom from fear is a comprehensive self help programme. David comes over as being down to earth and not some super flash salesman, which for us at least always adds credibility.

The recovery program comes in a four part audio programme, spread out over either 8 CD’s or 10 audio cassette tapes. There is also an MP3 download available and an MP3 CD, where all the MP3 files are burned to one CD (IF you have a CD burner you could do this yourself and save money).

Part 1 is nearly three hours long and covers, the anxiety and panic attack symptoms

Part 2 is nearly 4 hours and covers the various disorders arising from anxiety, plus a really nice idea, advice for the family.

Part 3 is entitled ‘the journey to recovery’ and is spread over 1 ½ hours

Finally part 4 is encouraging words to help you on your journey. Playing time 45 minutes.

With a total of over 9 hours of listening time, this programme is quite comprehensive, the flip side of this is that sometimes you can have too much information! That’s a minor criticism though, providing you structure your study of the material and break it up into chunks, it’s very manageable.

Price of the Freedom from Fear Recovery Program is:
Download MP3 Files - $99
MP3 CD - $139
CD’s or audio cassette tapes $199

Check the website here

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