Guided Visualisation

The benefits of visualisation far outweigh the time invested in doing it, especially before spending the evening with family or friends or when you are feeling anxious.

Using these techniques at such times refreshes you, allowing you to be at your best to get maximum benefit and enjoyment from your leisure time. You will find yourself happier and more relaxed and your friends and family will notice that too.
In short, practicing these visualisation techniques regularly is life changing.

OK, so now to the detail.

The details of the visualization techniques you will find here are based on technology developed and used in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), a powerful method used for personal development as well as anxiety control. The same techniques are also used in Yoga and other Eastern meditative practices.

This is not hypnosis and you will not be sleeping, you will simply become relaxed. The technique creates an experience similar to one you might have experienced, where you have been daydreaming.

Nobody can make you relax, it’s something you have to do yourself. However if you follow the method and allow yourself to relax fully, you will find it beneficial in the management of stressful situations and in recovering mentally.

We recommend sitting in a comfortable chair rather than lying down when relaxing, as the subconscious mind knows the connection between lying down and wanting to go to sleep and that’s not the object of the exercise, unless of course you want it to be!

They say that practice makes perfect and you will find that these relaxation techniques will become more powerful the more you practice using them. You will gain maximum benefit, by using these techniques daily. Once you are practised in these techniques, you will be able to relax more easily, more deeply and more completely.

Used appropriately, these relaxation techniques are very safe, but to state the obvious, you shouldn’t use them whilst driving a vehicle, operating machinery or when in an unsafe environment. Relaxation is something to do during a break or whilst at home!

Whilst using these techniques, should you be required to respond to an urgent situation, you will be able to do so, because you will not be asleep, you will just be relaxed.

So here's our course

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