Every time we see a video on the many internet sales sites, offering to solve our panic attack symptoms we are a little sceptical. Everyone seems to say, “I once suffered panic attacks, just like you,” but once you watch the video it’s obvious that it’s all just a sales pitch.

Geert Verschaeve of ilovePanicAttacks is different, after you follow this link and subscribe to a free newsletter* which he sends out weekly, you will be lead to a video where he describes his own experiences. Once you see this video, you will know that this guy is for real. Nobody could describe what goes on during a panic attack like he does without having first hand knowledge; this guy definitely is or at least was, one of us!

Geert, originally from Belgium but now living in the USA, suffered anxiety, panic attacks and eventually agoraphobia, until he managed to conquer his panic attack symptoms in 2004. Since then he has launched an online coaching platform to teach people to conquer anxiety and panic attacks.

Apart from the free newsletter* which he sends out about once a week, with articles and links to videos to help stop stress, anxiety and panic attack symptoms (you can opt-out by clicking on a link you'll find in every newsletter), he has also created a CD Course that you can buy.

The CD Course costs $179 and is posted to you, so you get a physical copy. Payment via paypal, is $2 to cover postage initially then two further payments, one after 30 days and one after 60 days of $88.50 each. There is a 60 day money back guarantee and as its paypal, it’s backed up by paypals ‘buyer protection program’ (you are protected for 45 days from the date you made your purchase).

We haven’t tried the CD course yet, so cant say whether it’s a good buy or not, however the newsletter* is excellent and seeing as its free its really a no brainer!

Geert’s philosophy is that the panic attack symptoms are down to the way we see the world (expectations, trying to control everything, fear of the fear, fear of what other people think of you) and some of the foods and drinks that we touch every day.

Whilst maybe a little simplistic we agree that this plays a major part in causing panic attack symptoms, the information he shares in the newsletters and we suspect his CD course go a lot further however.

Get your free newsletter here* just leave your email address so he knows where to send it and don't forget to watch the video it really is excellent!

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