The Theory Part 5 - Mental Relaxation

Part 4 was about “the Alpha State” and how, relaxing the mind and body liberates the creative right brain. In this part weI want to take this a step further and tell you how to use this creativity to enrich your life and find complete relaxation and tranquillity, any time and in any place.

Once your body is relaxed and your brainwaves have reduced into the alpha frequency using the methods we have described in previous sections, let your mind wander to a location you have never actually been to, but know from movies, books or simply your imagination to be a fantastic place, it might be a tropical beach or beside a mountain stream or flowing river, wherever it is, there should be water close by and preferably you should be able to hear the water, whether it be waves splashing lazily on the shore, or a stream rushing over stones.

Now engage all your senses, by looking at the blue, blue sky and feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin or feeling the breeze in your hair. Listen to the sounds; the sound of the water, the birds singing, perhaps insects chirping or buzzing. Now, feel the grass or sand under your feet and starting to explore your environment, investigate things around you, for example you might want to pick up a seashell or pick a flower and admire its beauty smelling its fragrance and feeling the soft texture of its petals or its rougher stalk.

Next, increase the frequency of your natural energy by feeling love for your surroundings and spend a few minutes in this heightened state exploring and giving thanks for this fantastic opportunity to be in such a wonderful place.

Once ready, slowly adjust your awareness and body, to return from this place of healthy relaxation. Feel how wonderful this experience was. The more you do this, the more fantastic it becomes.

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