Panic Attack Symptoms

There are so many different panic attack symptoms and everybody seems to experience a mix of some or all of them. In this section we look at each one in turn and explain what's going on, so that you understand what's happening to you.

One of the biggest challenges faced by everyone who encounters these panic attack symptoms for the first time is a feeling of loneliness. It’s easy to believe that it’s just you that feels this way, but you know there are countless thousands of people just like you, you are not alone.

The body is an amazing bit of kit, designed to keep you safe, but you know, when it decides to give you full blown panic attack symptoms it’s like pressing the accelerator on a car whose brakes are not working, man it’s a scary ride!

Hopefully, a better understanding of the panic attack symptoms will help you become less scared and better able to cope, so here's out guide to some of the most common.

Here are some panic attack symptoms - click on each one to find out more

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