Panic Away*

Panic Away is a method created by Barry McDonagh who was a long term panic attack symptoms sufferer.

Panic Away* uses what they call the One Move Technique™, which is designed to create an internal cognitive shift, whereby you no longer fear having panic attack symptoms. The theory is that this psychological breakthrough point, is the cornerstone to not experiencing panic attack symptoms in the future.

We thought about this and agree that the fear of a panic attack causes severe anxiety which can trigger panic attack symptoms, so this theory is on track with reality at least with regards experiencing panic attack symptoms generated by the anxiety itself. But we felt that this alone was not enough to conquer anxiety for good.

Barry’s second strategy is to tackle general anxiety by releasing calm into your body through specific exercises. Coupled with the first strategy, this now becomes a more concrete proposition for tackling anxiety and a system that will help many.

As with all the other products, there is a lot of negative as well as positive stuff on the web about Panic Away. The mainstay of the negative comments are based around the assertion that Panic Away’s One Move Technique™*, is based on the Linden Methods ‘Panic Eliminator,’ * whilst other camps are saying that the Linden Methods ‘Panic Eliminator’, is based on ’Panic Away’s One Move Technique™!

Well we don’t doubt you could end up in a legal battle on this one, so we are not going to comment other than to say, does it really matter as long as it helps? We believe competition is good; it provides us with choice and whilst there seems to be a lot of bitching going on, in the various internet chat room’s, at the end of the day, what’s right for me, might not be right for you and visa versa, so as the French say “viva le difference.”

So what do you get for Panic away’s $67.95 price tag.

The panic away Ebook

Plus as bonus’s

One Move Audio – how to use the ‘One Move Technique™’
Driving Anxiety Audio – to help with driving your car
Panic Away Presentations - 1 hour and 45 minutes of online video
Panic Away forum access
Coaching - unlimited Email access to Barry

Check Panic Away out here*

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