Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words Rei and Ki, which mean universal life energy.

This ancient healing technique which is supposed to balance our body’s energies uses the life force energy to heal. According to the theory, the practitioner allows ki energy to flow from their hands into the recipient, either by touch or more often by hovering over the body

Most Reiki practitioners today practice the modern Usui Reiki developed by Dr. Mikao Usui; a Christian monk who studied with Zen Buddhists.

In typical oriental style Reiki is taught by Reiki Masters who have trained in the traditions passed down from Master to student.

Typical of today’s society, Reiki is becoming something of a cash cow, with people charging big money for very short training courses! And the practitioners are paying it because the more advanced their training becomes the more they can charge for their time. Typically Reiki practitioners charge between £15 and £50 per hour but after training to master level , they often increase their prices into the £30 to £80 per hour range. Now that’s good money in anyone’s books!

So does it work? Yes. Its helped countless thousands of people. Whether it’s by channeling universal life energy as claimed or just a plasibo effect, something about it works and that’s all that counts.

Beware the over claims again though, if you find a Reiki practitioner that promises a quick cure, they might be right, but more often than not you will probably be disappointed. And whilst we know that, especially if you are experiencing severe panic attack symptoms you will try anything in order to get rid of them, we suggest viewing Reiki as a way of lessening the impact of your panic attack symptoms rather than curing them altogether. That way you won’t be disappointed and you could be pleasantly surprised!

Our View - Good and Not so Good


Even though lots of people claim Reiki lacks credibility, it certainly works for many people.

If nothing else, Reiki is enjoyable and relaxing, a sure tonic for anxiety

It doesn’t involve anything likely to induce panic attack symptoms

NHS recognised and used in some hospitals to help Cancer patients

Not so Good

Because it’s so easy to learn, there will be a lot amateurs out there masquerading as therapists

Not very well regulated

Certificates are often drawn up on a PC and issued as official

Due to the Master/ Student relationship described above Reiki is spreading without standardisation from a controlling body

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