The Linden Method*

Perhaps the most well known of all the self help guru’s is Charles Linden. Most anxiety and panic attack sufferers have bought his ‘Linden Method’* system at some point and it can really help, but as usual, its not for everyone!

Using the punch line, “why settle for anxiety management when you can have an anxiety cure?” Charles has sold over 130,000 copies of the program. His Linden Method System is the result of over 12 years of research and development. This drug free program has been endorsed by many Doctors and Psychologists and so has a lot of credibility.

Charles’s description of the method is that it “uses the body’s natural anxiety reduction process to quickly return your anxiety levels to normal without effort.” He uses something called Neuroplasticity, which is the replacement of one set of memories or behaviours with another” to cure anxiety, very similar to the way some of the NLP techniques work. The idea behind this is to replace the brains present anxious pathways with new non anxious ones. The beauty of this process is that it is a subconscious act and happens without you realising it. We see this program as self help NLP and being fans of NLP when in the right hands, we quite like the method.

Perhaps one of the Linden Methods* unique characteristics is that when you buy the system, as well as the nowadays almost obligatory satisfaction guarantee, The Linden Method offers “Unlimited Support from Qualified Specialists.”

On the negative side, we know of lots of panic attack symptoms sufferers for who this program flat out didn’t work. Unfortunately, there is no size fits all program available, so all you can do is give it a go. At least with the satisfaction guarantee which lasts a full 12 months, you can’t lose out.

The product itself comes in two forms ‘printed’ or ‘download’ at two different price points, $177 for the hard copy version and $99 for the download. The printed version represents the best value in our opinion because you don’t risk losing everything if your computer gives up the ghost! The nice thing is that when you buy the hard copy, you get the download as well at no extra cost, so you can start using it immediately.

Regardless which version you buy, you get telephone or email access to Linden Method Specialists who are all qualified counsellors or psychologists.

As you would expect the Linden Method also includes bonus’s with the product.

Theses are:

Introduction to The Linden Method
The Visualizations CD
The Panic Eliminator
The 9 Pillars CD
STOP Anxiety & Panic Attacks Audio
Essential Anxiety Facts
Drive Anxiety Out
Fast Track Introduction DVD

Check out the Linden Method here.*

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