‘The Unexplainable Store™‘*

In the words of Monty Python – “And now for something completely different!”

The Unexplainable Store™‘* offers a range of products designed around one theme Binaural Beats. The store has a new age ‘feel’ to it, so it won’t be for everybody, but the technology behind the products has a sound basis in science.

Binaural Beats, sometimes known as "the cocktail party effect." were discovered in 1839 by Heinrich Dove. At the time they were thought of as no more than a curiosity, however 100 years later Gerald Oster wrote "Auditory Beats in the Brain," an article that tied all previous research together. His conclusion was that “Binaural Beats are a powerful tool in neurological and cognitive research.”  

Scientists know that various frequencies produce different effects on human consciousness. Many of the techniques used in modern forms of hypnosis and relaxation use frequencies near those of the brains natural relaxed state to induce relaxation and hypnosis in the subject.

The Binaural Beats products ‘The Unexplainable Store™‘* sell, which work best when listened to through headphones, work by sending two separate frequencies into each of the ears. The difference in these two frequencies cause the brain to produce a third frequency to compensate for the imbalance. This third frequency is designed to be in the relaxation zone and as its produced by your own brain it  creates the relaxation you are looking for.

A variation on this is Monaural Beats, which are single frequency tones not requiring balance from the brain and so are faster to achieve a soothing effect.

The third type of product sold by ‘The Unexplainable Store™‘ are Isochronic tones. These are said to be the most powerful as they additionally contain a rhythm which the brain synchronises with to produce the effect.

Like we said, its out there and funky and not for everyone, but if you want something different, have a look at the ‘The Unexplainable Store™‘ here*.

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