Panic Attack Symptoms Guide to 'Therapy'

With the seemingly endless supply of therapy types being marketed as 'cure all's', it’s really difficult to see the wood from the trees. There are without doubt some very good therapies available to tackle panic attack symptoms, but there is no one therapy that fits everyone, contrary to the claims of the multitude of what we like to call ‘snake oil salesmen’ advertising on the internet, magazines, the local press and health fairs.

Whilst the NHS might have limited resources available to people experiencing panic attack symptoms, complementary medicine techniques do offer a viable and sometimes better alternative, trouble is the costs can be astronomical and practitioners rarely if ever offer any form of guarantee!

With all the pitfalls then, how do you know what is good and what is not so good? Well, the aim of this section is to provide you an overview of the various therapies available, describing each one in turn so that you have a good all round understanding of what is on offer and can make informed choices.

Below you will find a list of therapy types helpful for beating panic attack symptoms. You can navigate to the various ideas from the list below or from the 'Therapy' dropdown menu at the top of the page.

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